Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craft Tuesday: Paint Chip Bookmarks

If you remember back to one of the first Inspiration Sundays, I focused on some of the fun things you could do with paint chips (and there are loads). Recently I went to Lowe's and picked up about 3 handfuls of different chips, including the strips. I knew exactly what they were for, too. Bookmarks!

A couple of days later, after failing to be able to print directly onto a paint chip, I read up on stamping, bought 2 fun, floral stamps and some ink and had at it! I can not tell you how pleased I was with my results! So wonderful, especially when you consider how very, very little I spent on each bookmark. As soon as I finished this first round I told my fiance that I wanted to run back out to the store and get some holiday stamps and make more. His words were, "You're...silly." I prefer to call it creativity.
So, once I finished the bookmarks I had to add the tassel, and I was surprised how simple it was to make out of some embroidery floss and a large needle.
Now it's your turn! Go for it!

You will need:
  • Paint chip strips (free!)
  • Embroidery floss (1 pack makes 2-3 tassels and costs about $0.40)
  • Large needle
  • Stamp(s) of your choice (they range in price from a couple of dollars up to about $20, but they're not exactly an one-time-use item)
  • Stamp ink/dye (about $4 each)
  • Hole punch (I used the Clik-It eyelet setting tool and was able to set a small eyelet to protect the hole)

First you will need to prepare your work space with some sort of drop cloth or newspaper so you don't get ink everywhere. Then, pick your paint chip, your stamp, and your ink color. Lightly cover your stamp in the ink and press stamp firmly and evenly on paint chip. I used a large stamp so I only covered a portion of my stamp in ink, and I still managed to stamp my drop cloth a little.

When I did my large ranunculus stamp (the multiple flowers with stems), I did one stamp onto the chip and was done. However, when I did the other flower stamp I stamped multiple times without re-inking the stamp. The effect is very nice and really emphasizes one of the flowers (see above picture). Obviously, you can re-ink after each stamp in you'd like. It's up to you. Be creative! Be messy!

After I stamped all of my paint chips, I closed up my ink and washed my hands and stamps until (almost) all of the ink was gone. Different inks take different amounts of time to dry, so be sure that yours is dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Now punch the hole for the tassel. I eyeballed it, but if you really want to measure it all out then feel free to. I aimed for smack dab in the middle horizontally, about 1/3" down from the top.  I have a Clik-It took that I use for scrapbooking that I used to make the holes and to do embossing. It worked perfectly and made a modest size hole that I was able to reinforce with small metal eyelets. This tool isn't very expensive and comes in handy. I would highly suggest investing in it if you are a crafter!

After I set my eyelets I made my tassels! I followed these simple instructions on WikiHow with a couple of exceptions. I would wrap your thread/floss around something flexible (I used a spare paint chip strip) because it will be nearly impossible to pull the thread through to make that first knot if you use something stiff like a ruler (I tried). Also, you will need a large needle. I don't know what size I used, but I was easily able to thread two pieces of embroidery floss through, so make it fairly large.

Lastly, when you actually lace the tassel through, push it from front to back. It looks nicer and the tassel will stay better when you lay your bookmark face up.

After that is laced in you are done! Make them for your friends, your family, yourself! Happy crafting (and reading!)

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